Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Looking Back @ 2008

As i was looking back at this year... just felt happy that 2008 is really and finally coming to a end. And i tink i should really leave it at back of my head. And i should be looking forward to 2009. I got something to tell u all, but i dunno hw to say. Ytd i just receive a letter from the army. And im reporting my my NS Enlistment. The date: 13th of March 2009, 0830am. I realise that i left 3 more months left. And i still got lots of stuff to do. So in these three months, i wanna do them finish and done. And there are also things im still worrying. I really hope that someone can help me out.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wonderful year of 2008

The year is coming to a end. As we look back at 2008, to some of us, it's a good year but for some of them are bad. In anyway, 2008 is coming to a end. It's no use to cry or be sad over 2008, nothing can be done. So guys.. let's us forget all the bad, the sad etc But let us focus on the year 2009. 2009 will be a better year for all of us. Finally.. Christmas is also coming. Wishing u all a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

At last working!!!

Finally working wif my frens @ Attributes Pte Ltd. Since last year November, i've always wanted to work wif them. And now finally work wof them. Allow me to introduce them to all of you: 1. Robin is the GM of this company. And these are the staff: Carol, Gillian, Valerie, Yoseph, Naomi and Morgan(considered part of us). And now that im part of this company, im so happy!!! And nw that im working, i wanna be more professional in everything, be it big or small, i wanna to do it good, acceptable. I wanna be fast, effective and efficient. And one thing i promised myself: Through this company, i wanna see myself changed for the better, becoming more mature, serious-minded. Before i end, i wanna personally thank the Robin(GM) for hiring me. And i also wanna say sorry in advance to all my mistakes to all the staff here. Wish all my frens in ITE all the best. Must keep in touch... hor..... ok? See u all soon.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanks Guys

Yesterday i've a awesome time with my ministry frens. As we are gathered together for a time of meal, promotion and appreciation. At a blink of an eye, i've been in tis ministry for 5 years le. Wow!! And really it was fun serving with the rest of the guys. And i was awarded for my willingness and faithfulness to tis ministry. You guys may not know them, but still i wanna mention them to you. These are guys and gals who really taught me alot. I personnally wanna thank Valerie, Carol, Gillian, Yoseph, Morgan and Boon Kiat and not forgetting my ''boss'', Robin. These are the best leaders in my ministry. Even though a times they may tease me, laugh at me. but tat's ok. These guys are really really awesome. Finally, i wanna thank God for letting me be part of tis ministry. And one thing i can promise to all of you: 2009, You can expect a better Foster.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So what?

In this world that we live, as some of the ppl said tat we make use of one another, be it for good or bad. Throughout these few months, i've noticed some. It's ok if we make use of one another for the purpose of good. But i hate those who make use of others for the purpose of bad. And after they have accomplished wat they have, they become proud, arrogant. And many of these are our very frens. So wat if u have done so much? Does it mean that u can go around showing off, despising those that have yet to finish their work. So wat if u have done finish ur work? Does it give u the permisson/authority? Yes u may have done so much, u may have a very good grades. But most assuredly i say to u, u have done nothing!!! You may have all the good grades, good stuff, but if u dun have a good attitude, u've gained nothing. For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

She's Gone

I have finally let u go. Even though i like you so much, but yet u didn't like me at all. I don't blame you and neither am i sad. Maybe the time is nt nw. Thank you for letting me like you for these few months. Even though we no longer together, but we are still frens, rite? Let's continue to keep in touch, ok? Take cares!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Once again wanna say thanks for buying the slipper for my sis. Even though it's too small for my sis and need to be given to someone else, but it's ok de. U are struggling in ur finances and yet you are buying something that is nt really cheap. Words alone cant express my gradtiuate towards you. I oso wanna thank you for everything you have done and oso for the things u are abt to do. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Always be with you

Even though cg multiplied le, but tat doesn't mean tat we are no longer frens/members. In the future, if u still need help i will still be there for you. Even though im nt physically wif u, but if u need help in anyway, i will come. I am willing to do anything for you. U must rmb: The skies might fall on you, ur parents may fall out wif you, BUT i will still be there. No matter wat happens, i will always be with you.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just Because

Sometimes we tink tat since we are late for something or forget to do... den we just say,'' ah forget it, nxt time ba''. We cant have tis type of mindset. Just because you are late... does it mean u dun need to go or u cant go le. Just because you forget to do something inportant/inportant... does it mean you wait for the nxt chance/opportunity. No!!!! In another words... just because ur gf stays at Simei, does it mean u cant go there? Just because u are late for sch.. does it mean u dun need to go for the second lesson? Guys let's do wat we are suppose to.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Want to be wif u so hard and difficult

Why whenever msg u, call u, msn u nv reply? My mind is always seeing u. If u need to look for someone, my eyes are for u. If u a shoulder to cry on, my shoulder is there for u. If u need someone to bring the umbrella for u..... i will do it. If u want someone to drive u to sch or anywhere, though i cant drive but my dad can. If u need to wake up early, im willing to be ur alarm clock. If u are bored.... wanna go shopping, my time and finances are there. Im wiling to do anything for u..... just dun leave mii alone. Im afraid to be alone. Why are u always rejecting mii? Everyone knows tat i like u... are u running from mii? Whenever u talk to someone... a certain sour-taste will flow down in my heart. I want to tell u tat even when the mountains tremble and a thousand fall... i will stay with u. Wherever u go...deep into the darkest oceans, into the highest heaven, into the cold artic... to the ends of the world.. i wanna be wif u. Can u gif mii a chance?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Sometimes i just wanna be part of the fun, why only ''selected'' ppl are invited. I noe i shouldn't have thick skin ask whether if im invited. But i just wanna be wif u all. Am i the one tat is always be left out? Am i the one when everyone is enjoying den im @ the backstage. I noe one shouldn't be so thick skin, but i oso dun want to be left out. As all u saw my msn nick, wherever you go,I wanna be with you. The ''you'' is refering to my classmates, cgm and the rest. Im dun want to be alone anymore. Will someone knows my intentions, thoughts are good and nt bad? Will someone knows tat i cry nt on my eyes but in my heart? Will someone fully-understand me? Will someone knows tat the foster u see on the outside is different from the inside?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy and Sad Day

As usual woke up at 830am, reach school @ 0930...... Ard 10plus, Alex announce to us tat Ms Nat is goin to be our new Class Adviser. Abit happy and sad. Why happy? Cos finally can stop hearing his nagging and scolding. Why sad? Even though he's abit fierce... but he's still a good teacher. Just wanna say thanks to him. Now tat Ms Nat is our new Class Adviser, the class wasn't very open to her. After class, went lunch wif Del, Roy, Dan, Bala and Caleb. I and Caleb went hm early. Reach hm ard 1230pm. PLayed the PS2 game Dynasty Warrior 4 Empire. The first few games i was winning. But the second half is was losing fast. Until the point i left one territory. I panicked and angry. I tot i was winning. Haix

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Finally sch reopens!!! Yahooo!!!!!!

Hey guys it's been a long time tat i last update my blog..... cos these few weeks cant use the com after 11pm. todae is the fourth day since sch reopens. Nothing seems to change be it in sch or frens. After sch went for ministry. After ministry ard 810pm, Robin the boss of Attributes Pte Ltd together wif Valerie and Richard one of the staff in the company and myself went to one of our ministry member, Jackson Dad's funeral @ Sin ming drive. Reach there ard 830pm, saw alot of his family members and cell group members. Other ministry members like Kai Leng, Jeanette, Joanne and Terri oso came. We left there ard 930pm. Terri and i took bus hm, wheras the rest sat Robin car. I really wonder can 6 ppl squeeze into one car. I took 851 hm wheras terri took bus to Bishan mrt. Reach hm ard 1015pm, remember gt the new show entitled: Perfect Cut. The show abit ''RA''. slept ard 1230pm. More updates coming up soon. So stayed tune.!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Whenever people/member/fren, talk/disciple/scold me, i could felt a sour-sour taste in my heart. I wanna change, but whenever i'm step closer to be a changed man, something will pull mii back to square 1. It's like whenever i wanna fellowship wif members, someone/something will draw my attention. It's like i'm called/needed/wanted to the things, someone will do that thing on the behalf of me. I just wanna help, but why are these chances/opportunities are gone? Haven't someone understand the thoughts that i have? Am i really a nuisance/rotten apple? Or am i a member/fren that is well-received/respect?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

First day of holiday!!!

Finally holiday le!! Hope u all enjoy. Yesterday suppose to wake up at 730am cos i told my mum tat i will follow her to market, but bcos pray too long, cant wake up on time. Sorry mum. After eating fried noodles for breakfast, need to go sch for exam. Haix forget to bring pen. The exam was 60% easy and 40% hard. Actually is nt hard, but some questions i really dun understand, so two questions didn't answer. Wish u all will pass the exam wif flying colors. Aft exam met Yusen, Jinsheng, Dan, Del, Roy, Caleb and Bala. 10mins later we all go hm le. So we left caleb eating. Feeling abit tired, so went to slp awhile b4 meeting Xiuhui,Chew Hoon, Serene and the rest for pm at YMCA. Aft pm, agnes went hm le. While jy and alvin went for Leaders' meeting. So left mii, Chew Hoon, Serene and Van. We walk frm YMCA to city hall de LJS. Abit far. There we have our dinner. So tat's all ladies. Thanks for reading.

I also wanna take this to wish Rita happy bade!!!!! Hope all ur wishes come true. Must stay healthy and happy!!! Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Test Day

Woke up ard 850am lidat, feeling still abit tired. Left hm ard 930am together wif my sis, cos need to bring her to the bus stop near northpoint, cos she goin my grandmother's hse to stay. So aft sending her, i wen sch le. Ard 2.10pm, Mr Alex gave us the test paper for the class test. It was rather easy except Section 2, the structure-answer quest. A little hard. But thank God b4 tat, Mr Alex gave us a revision. If he didn't, i cant imagine hw are we suppose to finish it. Thanks for giving the revision. Aft the test, we can go hm le. So i quickly rush hm cos later need to go meet Madeline and Chew Hoon for the pm. I reach Dhoby Ghaut ard 515pm, but they were at PS. So i meet them at Starbucks together wif Xiu. Madeline says tat she abit hungry. So we went ard PS to look for food to be put into the stomach of Madeline. At last she ate only bread. So aft buying, we hurry to YMCA for the pm. On the way there, we saw Francis and Ariel, Rachael's member. They were abit lost of where is YMCA. So we bring them together wif us. Nt long after, one of their member, Serene also join us. The pm started ard 0615pm. Ard 715, Xiu and Madeline left le. So left mii, Agnes, Kang Wei and Chew Hoon. Aft the pm, i told them tat i need to eat dinner. So i eat my dinner outside the Mrt Station. So after eating i when home together wif Kang wei. Tat's all Folks, once again thanks for reading my blog.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Finally gt time to update!!!

Sorry ladies, cos tis few days super tired and bz. Talking abt ytd, was rather a good day. Woke up at 8am cos need to take guitar frm lawrance and need to serve for JAMS church at their outing @ Changi Airport T3. These are ppl:

Even though they are ''abit different'' frm us, but we treat them as if they are like us. So we walk ard T3, wow i tell u better go see the Departure hall there, it's SO NICE!!!! wat attracts mii is tis:
the whole of T3 is nt wif light,but these solar cells beams. I tink T3 is really like saving energy and instead of using electricity, they use natural energy=sunlight. It's just awesome!!! Aft serving ard 1230pm, went 2 Cheers to buy a milk den i went bedok interchange to mit Chew Hoon, Madeline, Van, Kang wei and Alvin for lunch b4 pm. Decai also came nt long aft tat. Ard 230pm, we went to expo for pre-service pm and Alvin needs to gif bs to kang and xiu. So left mii, Chew Hoon and Madeline for pm. We sat at Charlie arena 1 last two rows. Aft pm and service, we went the Kembangan there eat econimical rice for dinner. Wah!!! super hungry lor. I tink i ate alot. Ard 1010pm, we began to walk to mrt, cos we all abit tired. So tat's all folks. See ya ard.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

What a Day

Woke up ard 8am, cos need to gif xiu morning call. Ard 0930am, i left hse for Starbucks interview at Milienia Walk . Took bus 857 there. On the way there in the bus, the bus need to go through CTE. But the entrance to CTE have been closed. I dunno tat. So the bus took a longer way to other way to CTE. Ard 1030am, i msg the ''boss'', tat i will be late. I reach the place ard 1110am. There wasn't a single soul there, rather peaceful and quiet. I was wondering where is the Starbucks. Walk ard, den i wen to ask the receptionist. Is just behind only. So i went there, the boss there gave mii the application form to fill up. After finishing, suddenly many ppl came to starbucks. So the boss was bz, and i waited until 12pm. So the boss came, and his name: Kevin Boo. A funny surname. So after the interview, i went hm b4 goin to expo for service. Reach hm ard 0130pm, supposely need to meet Madeline, but she abit sick, so i went to meet Chew Hoon, Serene and Van. Meet them at Amk mrt de last cabin. Waited and waited, ah finally,they came le. So the four of us took train to expo. And i notice tat they took three big plastic bag filled wif their stuff. And they called mii to help them. I agree. Aft service the rest of us went, conference rm to take a picture for the Zone camp.
I would like to take this chance to invite my frens to come for the zone camp. It's a time to meet new frens, a time for u and i to enjoy!!! Date: 7-9 June 2008 Venue: Jurong Junior Collage Time: 9pm meet at Expo.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to All Mother's on earth!!!!!

Todae was really a happy happy day!!! Woke up 8am to follow sister for Mother's day service at Expo hall 8. Although abit tired, but dunno why still so awake. After service, went to meet xiu, wendell and Kang wei. We went Chai Chee minced meat noodles for lunch. After lunch, xiu nid to go hm to celebrate mother's day le. I oso. So we sent her the bus stop, there she took 12 back le. Rather happy to see her go hm. After tat, mii, kang and wendell took 14 to Dhoby Ghaut mrt. i and kang wei left him frm there, cos we mid to go hm. Reach hm ard 4pm. Rest awhile den help mama wash the fish tank. Ard 0650pm, my family went my ah ma hse to celebrate mother's day. Almost all my uncles and aunties are there except for one who Japan ytd.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Finally the day has come!!!!

After a couple of weeks, oso much hesitation, i decided to update my blog. Sorry ladies and gentlemen. Long wait. These few weeks happen alot of things. Dunno where to start. Let's start frm the 3-weeks long holiday ba. During the first two weeks of holiday, i was rather slack. Still gt a couple of work still waiting for mii to be done. But i didn't pay much attention to it. First two was rather a play-eat-sleep. These few weeks, was rather moody. As usual lor. Nothing special.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Woke up at 645am to prepare g for service at 10am. I went alone to meet Chew hoon and Van. Aft service we went Tampines de Century Square for lunch together wif alvin, jingkun, wendell and tricia. Tricia went hm went we reach Tampines mrt. So we lunch. Ard 210pm, Xiu and Kang join us aft their minisrty. Nt long alvin went for Leaders' Meeting and Xiu wen hm. Abit sad tat i dun have the chance to talk to her. Left mii, Kang, Wendell and Jingkun. Wendell wanna buy a gift for all our members. So we went ard looking for gifts. Ard 245pm, i told them i nw very tired, they tried to hold mii back, but i really very tired. Sorry guys for pang seh. Reach hm ard 450pm. Slp until 715pm. Mom cooked dinner, and i ate it. Ard 8pm, went back to own rm.

Right now i wanna say SORRY to both Juliana and Jiahui, cos a few days i told them tat they are IRRESPONSIBLE. Yesterday, gt a lecture frm both of them. I'm sorry. What can i do, in order to restore tis friendship tat we have it last year? I'm willing to change. Both of u are really my frens. Hw can i be a better man/person/fren? I'm willing to be taught. Here I Am, teach mii.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Two blessings in a Day

Finally sch started!! Yahooo!!! Woke up ard 9am, left hm at 915. msg alex tat i will be late and i will reach sch ard 1010am. Reach sch le, saw jun kai, Sheng and delbin. Alot of the guys and gals haven reach. Told sheng tat my com no sound when playing music, so he and del started to help mii fix the problem. Aft a few minutes, they couldn't solve the problem. I almost given up, but wen i reach hm, suprisingly my com recovered frm ''mute''. If u have a problem, whether big or small, don't give up until the very end. Den my fren, Caleb called mii if i wanna work at his office as a telemarketer. I was rather interested in tis job. So i left hse at 345pm cos he say meet 0530pm at Tanjong Pagar. Msg him tat i will be late reach TP at 545pm. So i reach his office, and i saw much ppl in their office attire. But i wasn't. Alot of eyes are on mii cos nt in office attire. Abit pai se. Nvm, wen thru the training le started work immediately. I started to listen hw the ppl talked to the clients. Beside mii is a girl named, Pearty. Work until 915pm. Nt tired at all. Reach hm ard 1015pm. So tat's all. Nitex

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Todae woke up ard 1130pm. Went to my primary sch fren hse play dota wif him. His name is Ng Jun Jie Kelvin. Last time at sch very quiet, often gt 'bullied' frm mii and the others. It's bn a long time since i last saw him. Nw he is like very 'zai' lor. we went out to far east ard 5plus. He look cool men! wore a white skinny jeans and a brown shirt. His cupboard gt a few jackets and vests. We went far east den to taka den to orchard cine den went hm le. As we were walking ard, he told mii tat he likes a girl. And he ask mii hw to approach the girl. So we talk and talk, walk and walk until ard 9pm. He's abit tired le. I oso. So we took the train hm. He stayed near my hse. And tml we are goin gym together. So happy tat able to meet him. Tat's all folks, hope u all enjoy. See ya ard

Sunday, April 6, 2008

9 Steps to defeat Procrastination

Just wanna introduce a word to you all. Which is also one of word in my title, tat's rite, tat word is PROCRASTINATION. Quite a long word, let mii tell you the meaning. I did some research on tis word Procrastination: To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness. Many a times, we are given tasks/work etc, and we often put it aside. Work is something tat we humans dun like it, but it is because of work tat give us promotion. Now if u want to be a person of excllence, you and i need to defeat procrastination. Now here are some ways u can defeat:

1. Activate your Planner- start using ur organiser/PDA etc
If u fail to plan, U plan to fail.

2. Break large tasks- break the large tasks/work into smaller tasks. So tat you got time to think through wat to do first.
Nothing is ever too hard if u plan it well.

3. Create deadlines. -Never take ur own sweet time to finish ur work/tasks, whether big or small.
Discipline yourself.

4. Deal with Mess- You cant work on a messy table. Before even u start working, you should clear your table. Start ur work wif a clear mind and table.

5. Encourage Yourslf- whenever u need a encouraging word, u can pat urself on ur shoulder saying, ''well done''.

6. Face your fears- the more u run from fear, the more fear will chase u. Instead of running away from fear, u should face ur fears, so tat u will become wat we called as overcomer.

7. Goals Review- whenever u accomplish a goal, marked it down as done.

8. Hang on, don't give up- you are almost to ur dreams/destination. hang it on, dun give. Surely, ''whatever a man sows, he will surely reap.''

9. Initiate Now- whatever plans u have, do it now, lest something come in the way.

Notice tat all the 9 steps starts from A to I. Finally just wanna say, '' if you are called to something, do it now. DON'T PROCRASTINATE

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lunch @ Seoul Garden

Woke up super early cos yesterday nite ard 1120 drank a cup of coffee. Yesterday nite @ toss here and there, could hardly sleep. Woke up at 0630am to go tolilet. Aft tat play dota, ard 1145 went to take a nap and awoke @ 1215pm. Just went abt to meet hui ying and kitty for lunch, kitty called mii to call hui ying. Ying hold a conference call and we discussed abt where to go and eat wat. So we met up at 3pm at Bugis mRt. We went bugis Seoul Garden for lunch. And we started cooking. This is the dish Yingz cooked for mii:

a mixture of onion, rice eggs adn many many more.
So happy to see them. But i still haven meet up wif juliana, jia hui and the rest of the gals. Not forgething Yu sen, Sheng and the rest of the bois. miss u all. Hope to see u all soon. Tat's all folks. See ya ard.:p

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Woke up ard 12pm. orh ya btw sorry guys for nt updating on Sunday. cos i went Sentosa wif alvin, jiayong, mii, jovena, chew hoon, Madeline, Xiuhui, Tricia, Agnes, Kang Wei, Serene, Hui Xian, Tiff. Xiuhui left ard 0220pm cos she working at parkway parade de BYICE at 0330pm. Abit sad. we played three games. I only rmb two: 1. Captain's Water Ball. 2. Amazing Race.

It was rather a fun and sunny Sunday. Ard 5pm, we went to wash up. Left sentosa ard 6pm. We went vivo food court for dinner. I ate Yong Tau Foo wif two bowls of rice. Wa!!! Super hungry. Aft dinner at food court, tricia wanna eat Ben & Jerry ice cream. So we went. Aft tat, we went the roof garden to sit down and chit chat play games. Left ard 1000pm, feeling super tired and happy. Reach hm ard 11pm.

Friday, March 28, 2008

A Day Of Silence

Woke up ard 1130. i try to talk to my mum, but i no voice. cos on tues i drank a sour and bitter herbal drink. i coukdn't talk at all. Left hm ard 1205 for work. At workplace, told my boss and others tat i cant talk cos no voice. Suddenly, i felt i was a mute. since i cant talk, i need t use paper and pen to convey wat i need to say/ask. very torturing. One of the staff, Gillian, make fun of mii using hand signals to talk. haix. sianz. told her im nt mute.left work ard 6pm to go for pm at alvin's hse. my boss told mii tat i can dun go since i no voice. but i told him: It doesn't mean tat i no voice, i cant pm or cg. We cant give in to our weakness. So reach alvin hse ard 7pm, saw xiu's back and guitar. feeling abit tired, took a nap for 15mins. the pm start ard 8pm, and we began to share abt easter. aft the pm, mii,alvin and jy went to eat. since i no voice, there are food tat i cant eat, one of them is char kway teow. But tis guy, jy, knowing tat i dun a voice still ask mii wanna eat. ah!! i ate mui fan instead. aft supper, jy and mii took bus 55 to bishan. the bus journey was rather long. reach bishan ard 1230. Just in time for the last train.
Lastly i wanna share something: It doesn't mean tat u gt weakness, u cant reach ur goals. Never give in to your weakness/circumstances. If u have a desire/wish, go for it.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sick Day

Awaken by the sun ard 0753am, couldn't go back to slp. Play the first match of dota. i used QOP.

Haix, todae tio ks by others bots. i abit sad and sianz. ard 9am, angela

msn mii saying later meet to cut the printed works by shima. Thanks shima for printing. Reach almaralty mac ard 1150, saw angela buyin food, shima sitting alone. i saw the printed stuff tat shima gave mi, i abit sianz. the pics so pixelated. i guess Mr Alex or Angela wont accept it de. nvm. cut here and there le, shima needs to go meet her fren. So she left mii and angela. abt 30mins later she came back cos angela's thumbdrive is wif her. So aft meeting her liao, mii and angela took bus 969 to chong pang there to print the remaining work. haix, we tot can print, but the printer there cant print color. so we went ard, pass by my hse and a garden. Mii and angela were so tired and hot, i feel like going hm. nvm print finish le still gt time to rest. so went ny hse nearby bookshop to see can print, but the com their dun hav photoshop cs2. i almost 'faint'. de i told angela tat we go suntec print ba. she say ok lor.
To be continue.......
Sorry guys and gals, im seriously very very tired. Want to noe more, call this no: 94200020

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Second Day of Holiday

Todae abit sianz. Nth much to share. Ard 2pm gt a call frm my chingay fren, Jasmine. She say need help to shift some chairs at expo hall 1. So i left hm ard 0435 to there. reach there ard 0610pm. Went in to hall 1, nt a single soul was there!!! i tot she lied to mii, so i called her, and guess wat she say. She say finish le, wa!!! sian tiao, haix, wat a wasted journey. im nt angry or sad.
I really miss all my classmates: Juliana, Jiahui, Hui Ying and the rest of boys and gals. Wen can we meet?

Monday, March 24, 2008

First Day of Holiday!! Yahooo!!!!

Welcome all to the 5th day of holiday. Hope all is enjoy!! Haha.

Woke up at 10am to watch the show The Peak. den i gt a call frm my secondary fren, firdaus. He came my hse ard 1120pm. We were finding jobs at the internet and classified by Straits Times. Saw alot of jobs but all we cant work. so mii and him suddenly bcame so sian. so i ask him where he wants to go. he suggested cycling ard first. i tot tat was a pretty gd idea. So he went hm to take his bike. we met ard 0230. Since he haven eaten his lunch, so i suggested upp thomson rd de prata. But he say too far, so i brought him to chong pang hawker. aft tat we cycle to lower seletar resevoir to take a break. aft the break we cycle towards orchid park den we pass by Northland Primary School. Den towards Safra den towards funland at yishun. Wa!! so tired and our butt so pain, went in to funland to rest while. Nt many ppl. Ard 0420 we left le. At nite, i nid to cycle back to Yishun Library to return the books. Reach hm ard 0853 just b4 my sis tuition. Aft her tuition, i went back my rm to watch the drama Romantic Princess, super nice lor!!!

Ard 1205am my dad came out to see if i was asleep, but i wasn't. Haix. Today was rather a boring day, wanna work but no jobs. Still need to attend parents nagging session.
If only someone can gif mii a work.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Todae went to Singapore Expo Hall 1 for Easter service 1.

Wow!! reach expo at ard 0245 and the place there already jam packed wif ppl. So i queue up, until ard 0310pm le den door opem le den can go in. Jy have already booked the seats for us le, thanks, if nt surely no sit de. The service started at 4pm sharp, wif two praise and one worship songs. The show started ard 0515pm, rather a nice show. Den the Pastor preach a word on shame. Let mii tell u wat he say:

1. Shame robs you of the motivation to seek care.

2.Shame robs you of HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP.

3.Shame causes anger and aggression.

4.Shame cause psychological problems.

5.Shame causes problematic moral behaviour.

And Someone took our shame and guilt to the cross. And He is Jesus.

During the drama, i saw one of the scene tat He is on the way to the cross and being whipped beaten, punched and kicked wif a heavy cross the carried on His shoulder. I felt abit sad, felt like crying but no tears to drop. Nw let mii tell u few things abt this Man, Jesus:

1. Jesus accepted all EMOTIONAL REJECTION.

2.Jesus endured all VERBAL ABUSES.

3.Jesus accepted all PHYSICAL ABUSES.

No matter hw many good works/things, we cant go Heaven unless we have Jesus in ur heart.

And let mii tell u hw Jesus changes my life.

I was born in a family where there is no true love. When i was young, my parents use to quarel everyday. And i always bully my sis. This happen for ard 12 years until my cousin, Joshua brought mii to his cell group. There i saw 10-12 ppl tat i dunno. So my cousin introduced mii to them. And slowly i began to like to go church. At tat time, im still goin the bugis temple wif my mom and sis. And my aunt asked mii tis question, ''are u going to church or temple, pls make up ur mind.'' So i went back thought, and i decided to go church. At tat time im having PSLE, although im suppose to. i failed my PSLE. So for the nxt three days, i totally emo myself frm the outside world. i lock my up in my rm, nt drinking or eating anything. On the fourth day, i told myself tat last year has already pass le, no use being sad/emo. During my emo period, my family members all stunned. 02/01/2002, the day for mii to start sch, so i went sch and i heard alot of ppl saying tat i retained etc. i reach hm and my parents scolded mii stupid ,useless etc

But i ignore all the critics and concentrated on my studies. Term 1 result out, i came in 2nd in my class, i tot tat will save mii frm all the critics, mockerings etc but wat i wish didnt came true, instead i gt even more. haix. nvm, i continue to study. Mid-year exams result out, once again, i came in second. and i gt a award for tis. i invited my mom, sis, and dad to come, but only my mom and sis came.abit sad. went back told my dad abt i receive a award, hoping to hear someting good, but he didn say a single word, i noe tat he still tink tat im stupid etc.

Until nw, studying at AMK ITE, my dad and mom still very disappointed in me. Dunno why tat watever i do things rite/good, they just wont change the impression for mii.

Can there be someone tat:

fully-understand mii?

someone tat i can turn to in time of need?

someone tat i can trust?

someone tat i wont call Friend, but 'sister' or 'brother'?

someone tat i can rely on?

someone tat can correct mii?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Blue Monday

Woke up @ 9am. Haix abit dun feel loke goin sch. But sister keep on askin mii go. Ok la i go sch. Reach sch le at 11am. Teacher say can go hm le. abit sianz. dun feel like go hm. so i asked sheng and the rest, they all goin hm. so i ask ying, she meeting something. No choice but to go hm. reach hm ard 1220pm, eaten lunch le slp. Dunno why, felt so tired but cant slp. aft a few mins slp liao. woke up at 0538pm. Mummy wants ii to go for a hair cut. she give mii 14 bucks. My hse dwn stairs gt tis ITE hair salon. So i tot of goin there. Waited quite long my turn. the person first help mii wash hair using cold water. so refreshing!!! Den a lady came and cut here and there. gel up my hair. guess hw much? 15 bucks. thank God tat i brought tat i brought enough money. On my way hm, a call ask mii whether can i go help jy gif tuition @ bk yishun 0730pm. so i hurry hm, eat and bathe. Left hm @ 0745. cycle there. aft giving tuition send the students to mrt den go hm le. Today abit sianz. Hope tml will nt be like tat. :p

Friday, March 14, 2008

A peaceful Friday on 14/03/08

Todae was rather peaceful. Woke up @ 0820am by my sis, Sharon. Left hse @ 0845. Reach sch ard 0930am. @ class nt much students were there except terry, angela, stella, caleb, yu sen roy and the rest. aft sch went to kallang for work. todae @wk abit different. ard 3pm need to accompany leader to Raffles Hotel, cos todae gt a very good speaker coming to speak on something. Need to step up the place so we left office ard 0330pm. upon reaching, we hurry up step up the place. ard 6pm i left them, neeed to go jw awhile. aft jw ard 10oopm, went m le. upon reaching hm, gt a call frm jy and josh, my cousin for supper, so ard 1145 we met up. we went to blk 925 for supper. ard 1220 ah!! Finally reach hm liao!!! Abit tired and sianz. Haixx.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yahoooooo!!! Performance Day!!!!!

Todae was such a exciting day for mii!! Woke up @ 0930am. Went sch, but teacher dismissed early. So i called the gals to meetup, but they say dont go and find them, dunno why but nvm mind. So i went find sheng they all. They were on their way to lan shop. So while waiting for them, went amk de KFC. Ard 1205, they all reach le amk cash converter upstairs de lan shop. Tat shop dont need us to wear hm clothes and the com there was good. Wont lag. So we play play dota. As usual, im always the one tio own. Also dunno why le. Ard 0120pm, we left for sch for 3rd lesson. On the way to sch, there was a heavy heavy rain lor!! We took 159 to sch. Upon reaching, i told sheng tat i need to go for performance le. So i went wif them awhile to sch, den left. We saw juliana and all the gals @csc. So we forward to see wat's goin on. They were writing the bdae card to Mr Alex. So they write their wishes. Also i took tis chance to pass the JamOutLoud tickets to mao and Yingz. Aft 2-3mins i left them. I was on the rush to Jurong west street 91, City Harvest Church ,my performing place. Wow!! wen i reach there, all the rest reached le and dressed up. im the onli one left unchanged and undressed. So i quickly went to change @the toilet. Oops! i forget to bring my belt. so i went to ask ard for belt. And one of my fren, Francis lent mii his. Thank God for tat belt and him, if nt my jeans will surely drop. Ard 0445, ying and mao reach le. i went dwn to pick them up. they want mii to pay their cab fair, so i paid the uncle $18.60!!! So expensive!!!!! So i brought them up to level 4. i tried to introduced them to my rest of my frens, but they like nt very socialised. abit sad. Ard 0510pm, it's time for them to go in le. They all like sianz, haixx. So ard 0525, now is the time for us, S.P.S to perform le. Although inside my heart abit anxious, but i put it aside. I sang the song Lemon Tree. After finishing the song, we went down le. So happy!!! A lot of them clap for us went we left the stage. So aft tat, i went in to find mao and yingz, i saw them, sitting down doin nth. abit sianz. They say they all very hungry, i also lor!!! they ask mii wat time they can go. i tried to old them back, but their persistance made mii want to let them go. So i went to tell jy, and he say ok. so i send them down to the bus stop to take 242 to JP. aft tat wi went back to join the rest, for fellowship. Finally just wanna say THANK YOU TO ALL WHO CAME TO LISTEN TO MII. people like: MAO, YING, CHEW HOON, VAN, MADELINE, HUI HUI, RITA, CHENGCHUAN, SHAWN, WEIJIE, SERENE, GILLIAN AND THEY REST. sorry if i nv mention ur names. But most of all, i wanna THANK BOTH GOD AND S.P.S. Without both, i really cant sing at all. Special thanks to Band ic, Koh Jiayong Joseph, wow, tis guy is the best men! I tink all of us put up a great show!! Thanks!! See ya

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Just 24hrs b4 the day

todae was such a tiring day lor. i went down early to practice 4 my performance tml. the rest of the grp was there le, except for mii. so for the first half, i need sing alone wif my phone playing the music, Lemon tree by fools garden. The voice tat i heard frm my mouth is so ugly. i sing so flat and sharp. always off-the-tune. the organiser say tat i need to go back to learn my vocals, facial expression and confidence. so i went back. nt hm, to practice. indeed, my voice isn't very nice to listen. i was feeling abit down and disappointed. BUT, after the rest of my band members came, wow, i suddenly felt so energzie. so during the nxt half of the prac, i sang my very best. and i continue to sing until, it was time to go back hm. wa, i tell u all ar, having a band is nt nt easy. We need teamwork, coordination, unity and in-the-beat. Cannot off-beat or off-tune, if nt very very hard to put up a good show for the audience to see/watch. So to all who is coming to see/hear/watch us, enjoy!!!!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sorry all for nt updating.

Sorry guys and gals for nt updating my blog, cos these few days super super tired. im bz wif the performance tml, hope all understand. Nw todae, 11th mach 2008. just woke up @ 1030am. feeling very sianz. no one @hm. i want to go wif frens, but dunno who to find. scare they all nt free. so im going stay @hm. btw, im having a performance tml 12th march 2008 wif my band. both Yingz and Mao will be coming. So happy!!!! Thanks gals for comin to support mii. see ya tml. Since u gals r comin, i wont disappoint u all. i will put up a good show. hope u all enjoy!! :p
later gt the final practice b4 the actual performance. To all who noes mii, pls support mii and my band, S.P.S( Scissors Paper Stone) nice name rite? haha!

Friday, March 7, 2008

The day b4 sat

woke up at ard 0930am. but went back to slp.woke up @ 10am. gt ready to hse @1020. sightly early todae.went to the bus interchange to wait 4 the bus. i waited and waited. the bus came @ 1045. so long!!i reach sch @ 1105am. but wen i reach class, i saw no one!!! and guess wat? my teacher, angela told mii 2 go hm!! so i went. and on the way to lift, i called mao and yingz. they all @ 4th floor toilet. so i went up again to mit them. Aft tat we went to take 72 to yck mrt. den 2 mao hse. aft tat we went to mit enid. it's been a time tat we last met. having lunch @mac. aft tat need to go le. so i left them. but aft a few mins later, ying came back for her papers which is at my com bag, den sh went her way. BUT just went the bus was abt to go, guess hu came up? YING!!!! ya is her. so i accomepany her hm until her bus. aft tat i wen to my workplace @ kallang. there i learnt nt much. but i also follow my boss to one of the outlet @jurong west st91. we took cab there, and he paid the cab fare. $20 plus!! frm kallang to jurong west. aft tat i went for cg @alvin hse. but b4 tat i am suppose to meet madeline, vanassa and her cgl, grace. but i was late. gt disicipleship frm jy and alvin. ok. im sorry. it wont happen again. tat's all folks!!
Want to hear more, call mii @94200020 during office hours. See ya!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Another day on thursday

Woke up ard 1020. feeling very tired aft yesterday practice. confused whether want to go sch. called Yingz-jie and mao mao, they all nt goin. they goin IT show at suntec. so i stayed at hm, until mao called mii said o meet 1230 pm at city hall. reach there @ ard 1pm. mao late again! haix!! so i mit her and we walked 2 suntec 2 mit yingz-jie. finally met liao. also wif ying is oso her parents. so we left ying's parents and we are on our way. otw to the IT show, mii and mao abit hungry, mao suggested NEW YORK, but i rejected her idea cos the food there nt nice. so we stand there outside the singapore ducktours there. Alot of ppl over there sia! so aft 1 or 2 mins later, we went to b1 to look ard first. finally decide on the place to eat@ JUST NOODLES. pretty cheap and nice! so we went in there. mao ordered curry chicken set and i oredered drunken chicken noodles. oso i treated mao. i tink ying jealous so i ask her to ordered a side dish. and she ordered a seaweed tofu. nice and hot. aft tat we went straight to the IT show. on the way there, saw dan, del and roy behind us. we tot of saying hi but we didn't. oops. sorry. we went inside the conference. Wa! so much ppl. i scare lost so i stick close to them. inside there was so much ppl advertisting their products. Like: printer, desktops, laptops etc
so we continue our way.
hope u all enjoy reading!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hey Foster!

Hey foster! Kitty &Huiying here.
Better update hors abo we dont want come here le.
Later delete your blog then you know.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Finally gt my very own blog. Too happy!!!!!! Special thanks to Yingz and mao mao!!!!!! To all who noes mii pls come read blog. Spread the blog ard to all. Thanks.