Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Todae woke up ard 1130pm. Went to my primary sch fren hse play dota wif him. His name is Ng Jun Jie Kelvin. Last time at sch very quiet, often gt 'bullied' frm mii and the others. It's bn a long time since i last saw him. Nw he is like very 'zai' lor. we went out to far east ard 5plus. He look cool men! wore a white skinny jeans and a brown shirt. His cupboard gt a few jackets and vests. We went far east den to taka den to orchard cine den went hm le. As we were walking ard, he told mii tat he likes a girl. And he ask mii hw to approach the girl. So we talk and talk, walk and walk until ard 9pm. He's abit tired le. I oso. So we took the train hm. He stayed near my hse. And tml we are goin gym together. So happy tat able to meet him. Tat's all folks, hope u all enjoy. See ya ard

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