Sunday, April 6, 2008

9 Steps to defeat Procrastination

Just wanna introduce a word to you all. Which is also one of word in my title, tat's rite, tat word is PROCRASTINATION. Quite a long word, let mii tell you the meaning. I did some research on tis word Procrastination: To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness. Many a times, we are given tasks/work etc, and we often put it aside. Work is something tat we humans dun like it, but it is because of work tat give us promotion. Now if u want to be a person of excllence, you and i need to defeat procrastination. Now here are some ways u can defeat:

1. Activate your Planner- start using ur organiser/PDA etc
If u fail to plan, U plan to fail.

2. Break large tasks- break the large tasks/work into smaller tasks. So tat you got time to think through wat to do first.
Nothing is ever too hard if u plan it well.

3. Create deadlines. -Never take ur own sweet time to finish ur work/tasks, whether big or small.
Discipline yourself.

4. Deal with Mess- You cant work on a messy table. Before even u start working, you should clear your table. Start ur work wif a clear mind and table.

5. Encourage Yourslf- whenever u need a encouraging word, u can pat urself on ur shoulder saying, ''well done''.

6. Face your fears- the more u run from fear, the more fear will chase u. Instead of running away from fear, u should face ur fears, so tat u will become wat we called as overcomer.

7. Goals Review- whenever u accomplish a goal, marked it down as done.

8. Hang on, don't give up- you are almost to ur dreams/destination. hang it on, dun give. Surely, ''whatever a man sows, he will surely reap.''

9. Initiate Now- whatever plans u have, do it now, lest something come in the way.

Notice tat all the 9 steps starts from A to I. Finally just wanna say, '' if you are called to something, do it now. DON'T PROCRASTINATE

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