Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Test Day

Woke up ard 850am lidat, feeling still abit tired. Left hm ard 930am together wif my sis, cos need to bring her to the bus stop near northpoint, cos she goin my grandmother's hse to stay. So aft sending her, i wen sch le. Ard 2.10pm, Mr Alex gave us the test paper for the class test. It was rather easy except Section 2, the structure-answer quest. A little hard. But thank God b4 tat, Mr Alex gave us a revision. If he didn't, i cant imagine hw are we suppose to finish it. Thanks for giving the revision. Aft the test, we can go hm le. So i quickly rush hm cos later need to go meet Madeline and Chew Hoon for the pm. I reach Dhoby Ghaut ard 515pm, but they were at PS. So i meet them at Starbucks together wif Xiu. Madeline says tat she abit hungry. So we went ard PS to look for food to be put into the stomach of Madeline. At last she ate only bread. So aft buying, we hurry to YMCA for the pm. On the way there, we saw Francis and Ariel, Rachael's member. They were abit lost of where is YMCA. So we bring them together wif us. Nt long after, one of their member, Serene also join us. The pm started ard 0615pm. Ard 715, Xiu and Madeline left le. So left mii, Agnes, Kang Wei and Chew Hoon. Aft the pm, i told them tat i need to eat dinner. So i eat my dinner outside the Mrt Station. So after eating i when home together wif Kang wei. Tat's all Folks, once again thanks for reading my blog.

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