Saturday, December 18, 2010


Is all abt giving and sharing the last few weeks before the year comes to an end.. This year has really been ab great year for me especially.. Much changes both good and bad, happy and sad.. Though there were some things still remains the same, yet there were changes.. Especially my relationships with my own cg.. Really wanna thank God for all of them cos they were the ones who really taught me alot.. And although there were still conflicts with some, overall the relationship with the rest is still gd.. And as we prepare ourselves for 2011, let's be excited abt it, bcos it's a new year.. watever good or bad, happy or sad is over.. We humans look forward nt backward..

Monday, December 6, 2010


Are meant to be realized and fulfilled.. If u have a dream, u shld really go all out for it.. Because hope deferred makes the heart sick.. and tis hope we talked abt is called dream.. the very fact when u have a dream means u have the potential to fulfill it.. It's kinda waste to dream and yet nt doing it.. As the year is coming to the end like 3-4 more weeks, i wanna hope tat all my dreams come true.. so shld u too..