Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sick Day

Awaken by the sun ard 0753am, couldn't go back to slp. Play the first match of dota. i used QOP.

Haix, todae tio ks by others bots. i abit sad and sianz. ard 9am, angela

msn mii saying later meet to cut the printed works by shima. Thanks shima for printing. Reach almaralty mac ard 1150, saw angela buyin food, shima sitting alone. i saw the printed stuff tat shima gave mi, i abit sianz. the pics so pixelated. i guess Mr Alex or Angela wont accept it de. nvm. cut here and there le, shima needs to go meet her fren. So she left mii and angela. abt 30mins later she came back cos angela's thumbdrive is wif her. So aft meeting her liao, mii and angela took bus 969 to chong pang there to print the remaining work. haix, we tot can print, but the printer there cant print color. so we went ard, pass by my hse and a garden. Mii and angela were so tired and hot, i feel like going hm. nvm print finish le still gt time to rest. so went ny hse nearby bookshop to see can print, but the com their dun hav photoshop cs2. i almost 'faint'. de i told angela tat we go suntec print ba. she say ok lor.
To be continue.......
Sorry guys and gals, im seriously very very tired. Want to noe more, call this no: 94200020

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