Friday, June 21, 2013

Hectic Week

It's been a hectic week.. First three days, found myself working till after 11 pm. Was totally worn out after three hard days of work. And that's not all.. A new wave of haze kicks in started on Monday. We all thought it will get better after the nxt few days, or even better after a big thunderstorm. But sadly, it didn't get any better. In fact, the weather was still as hot, humid. In this week, today was the worst hit of haze: 400 PSI.. How "clear" was it.. As of now, it's at 142. Please let it rain, let it rain.. We need not want the rain, the bigger the better. Longer the better, colder the better.. Wash us cool and clean.

Deborah asked me to help her with her work, but sadly i couldn't go.. So to make it up for her, i went to meet her yesterday night after work to her place. Had a little good dinner at Astons, to pamper myself after a week of hard work. Thinking that her place is rather near from Astons, i started walking to her place. Well it's not advisable to walk. It's pretty far, around 30 mins walk. And guess what, i just traveled 29km or more just to her place. Now that's far.. Upon reaching her place, she was all ready to leave for airport terminal 3 to mission trip at Jinan, China. Was a good ride on bus 48 to tanah merah mrt, den to train.. I wanted to have a quick nap in the train to Changi airport but sadly, not a chance.. We walked to terminal three to meet Leng Jing, Rapheal aka Momo and Jeronn.. I'm all excited to see them bringing God to china.

Look, they are leaving to a place where Christians were once killed for their faith in Jesus. And now they are there as i'm writing this. I am believing the best, praying for all of you..  After this week, this is what i wanna say: People do things, go somewhere for many good reasons. And one of them is because of someone. People are willing to go, to do something worthwhile perhaps not for the future but at least for today. I traveled down from Bukit Batok to Deborah's place just to carry her luggage to airport. It's not required of me, nor am i obligated to do it. It's all for her, and not for me or anything else.

Question: When was the last time you did something meaningful/worthwhile/simple for someone? 

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Surprisingly i still awake after a early, long busy yet fruitful weekend.. This weekend we celebrate Fathers' day. I was given the privilege to play the suspend cymbal, serving together with the choir and Cityworship. Had only one rehearsal on Wednesday just before we go stage. Though only one rehearsal, i must say i played pretty not bad. Though there were two wind chimes part on the score, but i couldn't play lest i came in too early and spoil the music. And it turns out to be good. Today the church actually clapped twice for us, the feeling of appreciation was there in the atmosphere. Music never sounded so good. After the performance, we stayed at the staff room to have a quick nap. I was pretty stone and rather tired cos i woke up at 6am, man im good till now. Together with the rest of members from 5-6, CCH, we went to Baby Elvin's shower party.. Baby ELvin is so cute.!!! Totally knocked out on the way home in the bus..

And to all the Fathers here on earth, thank you for raising us up.. You're our hero..

Friday, June 14, 2013


I woke up pretty early on a Saturday.. Usually my call time it's ard 11 plus to recover from a very long Friday, but here am i awake.. This happen once in a while but this time it's different. When this happens, usually it's because of someone i've been thinking or some events etc.. Ultimately one gotta voice it out. If you're gonna bottle up, and keep all these within yourself, you will tend to be closed up on the inside. With that, how are you gonna make true friends and relationships? If you had something bothering you on the inside, find someone you can talk to. Communication is the key to life. I 'm not too sure for the rest, but for me, i like to talk to people. Getting to know more new friends but with the friends i already have, i like to know them more and better not just on the surface level.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

I've come back for more

It's been more than two years already. But folks, i am back. Past two years gone, things happened, people have come and go, there's just too much.. A quick update on me. I ORD two years ago, went on to SOT like almost immediately and graduated the same year too. What's happening now? I am currently working with my SOT friend, Daniel in Asia Mannequin. Been here since 1st April 2013, am getting used to this job. Remember Xiuhui? Well, she has gone with a very handsome, rich boy name Xianbi aka Joseph. Well it's almost two years, and i guess they are fine. Caiping aka Rachel? Well, she told me the bad news on the 25/1/13, if i didn't forget wrongly. Joshua the name was mentioned to us, and we guess she kinda have like him?? Well i wish you all the best.. As for me, well, i've been talking to Michelle for the past two months over whatsapp like practically almost everyday. If you ask me whether i have feelings for her, i would say yes. But this time i am different. Instead of me chasing her all the way, i like to take things slowly yet steady. I confessed i have feelings for her, but i wanna confirm my feelings first before going ahead. I shared my feelings for Michelle with a few SOT friends, and was well received by them. If you asked me what i wanna say, take this: It's never about me. I give you the choice to choose. Whether you like or not, the choice is yours. Just like Michelle, i am giving her the choice to whether if we can work something out, or just remain as we are. I am cool about this. But if given a choice, i would like to develop and go on further. That's for me. I am not too sure for her and i don't wanna push her for the answer. Though i am 24 this year and my deadline is coming, let God lead and guide me to the girl.