Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Todae went to Singapore Expo Hall 1 for Easter service 1.

Wow!! reach expo at ard 0245 and the place there already jam packed wif ppl. So i queue up, until ard 0310pm le den door opem le den can go in. Jy have already booked the seats for us le, thanks, if nt surely no sit de. The service started at 4pm sharp, wif two praise and one worship songs. The show started ard 0515pm, rather a nice show. Den the Pastor preach a word on shame. Let mii tell u wat he say:

1. Shame robs you of the motivation to seek care.

2.Shame robs you of HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP.

3.Shame causes anger and aggression.

4.Shame cause psychological problems.

5.Shame causes problematic moral behaviour.

And Someone took our shame and guilt to the cross. And He is Jesus.

During the drama, i saw one of the scene tat He is on the way to the cross and being whipped beaten, punched and kicked wif a heavy cross the carried on His shoulder. I felt abit sad, felt like crying but no tears to drop. Nw let mii tell u few things abt this Man, Jesus:

1. Jesus accepted all EMOTIONAL REJECTION.

2.Jesus endured all VERBAL ABUSES.

3.Jesus accepted all PHYSICAL ABUSES.

No matter hw many good works/things, we cant go Heaven unless we have Jesus in ur heart.

And let mii tell u hw Jesus changes my life.

I was born in a family where there is no true love. When i was young, my parents use to quarel everyday. And i always bully my sis. This happen for ard 12 years until my cousin, Joshua brought mii to his cell group. There i saw 10-12 ppl tat i dunno. So my cousin introduced mii to them. And slowly i began to like to go church. At tat time, im still goin the bugis temple wif my mom and sis. And my aunt asked mii tis question, ''are u going to church or temple, pls make up ur mind.'' So i went back thought, and i decided to go church. At tat time im having PSLE, although im suppose to. i failed my PSLE. So for the nxt three days, i totally emo myself frm the outside world. i lock my up in my rm, nt drinking or eating anything. On the fourth day, i told myself tat last year has already pass le, no use being sad/emo. During my emo period, my family members all stunned. 02/01/2002, the day for mii to start sch, so i went sch and i heard alot of ppl saying tat i retained etc. i reach hm and my parents scolded mii stupid ,useless etc

But i ignore all the critics and concentrated on my studies. Term 1 result out, i came in 2nd in my class, i tot tat will save mii frm all the critics, mockerings etc but wat i wish didnt came true, instead i gt even more. haix. nvm, i continue to study. Mid-year exams result out, once again, i came in second. and i gt a award for tis. i invited my mom, sis, and dad to come, but only my mom and sis came.abit sad. went back told my dad abt i receive a award, hoping to hear someting good, but he didn say a single word, i noe tat he still tink tat im stupid etc.

Until nw, studying at AMK ITE, my dad and mom still very disappointed in me. Dunno why tat watever i do things rite/good, they just wont change the impression for mii.

Can there be someone tat:

fully-understand mii?

someone tat i can turn to in time of need?

someone tat i can trust?

someone tat i wont call Friend, but 'sister' or 'brother'?

someone tat i can rely on?

someone tat can correct mii?

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