Sunday, April 20, 2008


Woke up at 645am to prepare g for service at 10am. I went alone to meet Chew hoon and Van. Aft service we went Tampines de Century Square for lunch together wif alvin, jingkun, wendell and tricia. Tricia went hm went we reach Tampines mrt. So we lunch. Ard 210pm, Xiu and Kang join us aft their minisrty. Nt long alvin went for Leaders' Meeting and Xiu wen hm. Abit sad tat i dun have the chance to talk to her. Left mii, Kang, Wendell and Jingkun. Wendell wanna buy a gift for all our members. So we went ard looking for gifts. Ard 245pm, i told them i nw very tired, they tried to hold mii back, but i really very tired. Sorry guys for pang seh. Reach hm ard 450pm. Slp until 715pm. Mom cooked dinner, and i ate it. Ard 8pm, went back to own rm.

Right now i wanna say SORRY to both Juliana and Jiahui, cos a few days i told them tat they are IRRESPONSIBLE. Yesterday, gt a lecture frm both of them. I'm sorry. What can i do, in order to restore tis friendship tat we have it last year? I'm willing to change. Both of u are really my frens. Hw can i be a better man/person/fren? I'm willing to be taught. Here I Am, teach mii.

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