Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Just 24hrs b4 the day

todae was such a tiring day lor. i went down early to practice 4 my performance tml. the rest of the grp was there le, except for mii. so for the first half, i need sing alone wif my phone playing the music, Lemon tree by fools garden. The voice tat i heard frm my mouth is so ugly. i sing so flat and sharp. always off-the-tune. the organiser say tat i need to go back to learn my vocals, facial expression and confidence. so i went back. nt hm, to practice. indeed, my voice isn't very nice to listen. i was feeling abit down and disappointed. BUT, after the rest of my band members came, wow, i suddenly felt so energzie. so during the nxt half of the prac, i sang my very best. and i continue to sing until, it was time to go back hm. wa, i tell u all ar, having a band is nt nt easy. We need teamwork, coordination, unity and in-the-beat. Cannot off-beat or off-tune, if nt very very hard to put up a good show for the audience to see/watch. So to all who is coming to see/hear/watch us, enjoy!!!!!!

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