Thursday, February 20, 2014

What people really need?

 Since last month, i have been going to Khatib Camp to trained for my IPPT and guess what? I met Max. And since then, we have been training together. The highlight of the meeting was not on the training but the fellowship, conversation and sharing over dinner.

Over the last few sessions, we have been sharing this:
The fact is we are in the same cell group. Max and Janice, Junyong and Jiawen are the latest addition and have been with us since 2012. Me on the other hand, have been in this cell group for 4 years.

In any organisation, company or group, it is proven & tested, that whenever an event has been organised, people or at least a handful will go. Eg: A worker has been given instructions to carry out a task. Sure he will do it because he is only a worker. And because he is paid, he have to do it. But let's say something happened to his family member, shouldn't the employer/supervisor visit the employee/worker?

It's one thing to be loyal to your company, and yet it's another thing to be caring and showing concern to your fellow members/employees.

No matter how one is or can be loyal to, he/she still need someone in times of need. Yes, he/she may be living in luxury, having all the gadgets and technologies in his/her place, but have no one to share, he is still alone. A scholar may have achieved the a number of awards, degrees, but he have or no job, how can the scholar utilize?

What people really need? The answer: People.
God is the best example.  No matter how rich or poor, smart or shabby, He still accepts us.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What? January is over?!

With a blink of an eye, January is over liao. Sadly, but life has to move on. Even right now, i am back to office to prepare some documents for the last worker who will touched down in about two hours time. I just want to say that time waits for no one. And indeed. I only have 24 hours a day. It's either i used it or waste it. And now, time is precious, it's not like i am dying or what, but is to do the right thing at the right place. It may seems impossible, but if you planned carefully and in details, the chances are you'll succeed. I have some things that i wish i could share, and i will, but not now. So stay tune, folks..