Friday, May 22, 2009

The End is coming soon..

Indeed, in exactly 3 more weeks, my BMT(Basic Military Training) is coming to a end. Throughout this few weeks of hard and tiring weeks of training, i've seen many things, i've learnt that when people are tired, they can be selfish. Even the people u trusted will also be likewise. That's when we need to help each other. Even doing the little help will also help the people will help them alot. Example: If one is tired, just by you carrying his field pack, will help him alot. To you it may be insignificance, but yet to him, it means alot to him. So guys, let's not doing things alot. Especially when you and i really need help. Finally, im inviting you guys to my POP(Passing Out Parade) It's on the 10th June 09, Wednesday. The rest of the details i will post it out as soon as i received the msg. So if u guys can, do come. But if some of you cant make it, den it's ok.. So stay tune..