Friday, March 7, 2008

The day b4 sat

woke up at ard 0930am. but went back to slp.woke up @ 10am. gt ready to hse @1020. sightly early todae.went to the bus interchange to wait 4 the bus. i waited and waited. the bus came @ 1045. so long!!i reach sch @ 1105am. but wen i reach class, i saw no one!!! and guess wat? my teacher, angela told mii 2 go hm!! so i went. and on the way to lift, i called mao and yingz. they all @ 4th floor toilet. so i went up again to mit them. Aft tat we went to take 72 to yck mrt. den 2 mao hse. aft tat we went to mit enid. it's been a time tat we last met. having lunch @mac. aft tat need to go le. so i left them. but aft a few mins later, ying came back for her papers which is at my com bag, den sh went her way. BUT just went the bus was abt to go, guess hu came up? YING!!!! ya is her. so i accomepany her hm until her bus. aft tat i wen to my workplace @ kallang. there i learnt nt much. but i also follow my boss to one of the outlet @jurong west st91. we took cab there, and he paid the cab fare. $20 plus!! frm kallang to jurong west. aft tat i went for cg @alvin hse. but b4 tat i am suppose to meet madeline, vanassa and her cgl, grace. but i was late. gt disicipleship frm jy and alvin. ok. im sorry. it wont happen again. tat's all folks!!
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