Monday, April 14, 2008

Two blessings in a Day

Finally sch started!! Yahooo!!! Woke up ard 9am, left hm at 915. msg alex tat i will be late and i will reach sch ard 1010am. Reach sch le, saw jun kai, Sheng and delbin. Alot of the guys and gals haven reach. Told sheng tat my com no sound when playing music, so he and del started to help mii fix the problem. Aft a few minutes, they couldn't solve the problem. I almost given up, but wen i reach hm, suprisingly my com recovered frm ''mute''. If u have a problem, whether big or small, don't give up until the very end. Den my fren, Caleb called mii if i wanna work at his office as a telemarketer. I was rather interested in tis job. So i left hse at 345pm cos he say meet 0530pm at Tanjong Pagar. Msg him tat i will be late reach TP at 545pm. So i reach his office, and i saw much ppl in their office attire. But i wasn't. Alot of eyes are on mii cos nt in office attire. Abit pai se. Nvm, wen thru the training le started work immediately. I started to listen hw the ppl talked to the clients. Beside mii is a girl named, Pearty. Work until 915pm. Nt tired at all. Reach hm ard 1015pm. So tat's all. Nitex

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