Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Sometimes i just wanna be part of the fun, why only ''selected'' ppl are invited. I noe i shouldn't have thick skin ask whether if im invited. But i just wanna be wif u all. Am i the one tat is always be left out? Am i the one when everyone is enjoying den im @ the backstage. I noe one shouldn't be so thick skin, but i oso dun want to be left out. As all u saw my msn nick, wherever you go,I wanna be with you. The ''you'' is refering to my classmates, cgm and the rest. Im dun want to be alone anymore. Will someone knows my intentions, thoughts are good and nt bad? Will someone knows tat i cry nt on my eyes but in my heart? Will someone fully-understand me? Will someone knows tat the foster u see on the outside is different from the inside?

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