Monday, March 24, 2008

First Day of Holiday!! Yahooo!!!!

Welcome all to the 5th day of holiday. Hope all is enjoy!! Haha.

Woke up at 10am to watch the show The Peak. den i gt a call frm my secondary fren, firdaus. He came my hse ard 1120pm. We were finding jobs at the internet and classified by Straits Times. Saw alot of jobs but all we cant work. so mii and him suddenly bcame so sian. so i ask him where he wants to go. he suggested cycling ard first. i tot tat was a pretty gd idea. So he went hm to take his bike. we met ard 0230. Since he haven eaten his lunch, so i suggested upp thomson rd de prata. But he say too far, so i brought him to chong pang hawker. aft tat we cycle to lower seletar resevoir to take a break. aft the break we cycle towards orchid park den we pass by Northland Primary School. Den towards Safra den towards funland at yishun. Wa!! so tired and our butt so pain, went in to funland to rest while. Nt many ppl. Ard 0420 we left le. At nite, i nid to cycle back to Yishun Library to return the books. Reach hm ard 0853 just b4 my sis tuition. Aft her tuition, i went back my rm to watch the drama Romantic Princess, super nice lor!!!

Ard 1205am my dad came out to see if i was asleep, but i wasn't. Haix. Today was rather a boring day, wanna work but no jobs. Still need to attend parents nagging session.
If only someone can gif mii a work.

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