Monday, March 17, 2008

Blue Monday

Woke up @ 9am. Haix abit dun feel loke goin sch. But sister keep on askin mii go. Ok la i go sch. Reach sch le at 11am. Teacher say can go hm le. abit sianz. dun feel like go hm. so i asked sheng and the rest, they all goin hm. so i ask ying, she meeting something. No choice but to go hm. reach hm ard 1220pm, eaten lunch le slp. Dunno why, felt so tired but cant slp. aft a few mins slp liao. woke up at 0538pm. Mummy wants ii to go for a hair cut. she give mii 14 bucks. My hse dwn stairs gt tis ITE hair salon. So i tot of goin there. Waited quite long my turn. the person first help mii wash hair using cold water. so refreshing!!! Den a lady came and cut here and there. gel up my hair. guess hw much? 15 bucks. thank God tat i brought tat i brought enough money. On my way hm, a call ask mii whether can i go help jy gif tuition @ bk yishun 0730pm. so i hurry hm, eat and bathe. Left hm @ 0745. cycle there. aft giving tuition send the students to mrt den go hm le. Today abit sianz. Hope tml will nt be like tat. :p

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