Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Woke up ard 12pm. orh ya btw sorry guys for nt updating on Sunday. cos i went Sentosa wif alvin, jiayong, mii, jovena, chew hoon, Madeline, Xiuhui, Tricia, Agnes, Kang Wei, Serene, Hui Xian, Tiff. Xiuhui left ard 0220pm cos she working at parkway parade de BYICE at 0330pm. Abit sad. we played three games. I only rmb two: 1. Captain's Water Ball. 2. Amazing Race.

It was rather a fun and sunny Sunday. Ard 5pm, we went to wash up. Left sentosa ard 6pm. We went vivo food court for dinner. I ate Yong Tau Foo wif two bowls of rice. Wa!!! Super hungry. Aft dinner at food court, tricia wanna eat Ben & Jerry ice cream. So we went. Aft tat, we went the roof garden to sit down and chit chat play games. Left ard 1000pm, feeling super tired and happy. Reach hm ard 11pm.

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