Monday, July 21, 2008

Want to be wif u so hard and difficult

Why whenever msg u, call u, msn u nv reply? My mind is always seeing u. If u need to look for someone, my eyes are for u. If u a shoulder to cry on, my shoulder is there for u. If u need someone to bring the umbrella for u..... i will do it. If u want someone to drive u to sch or anywhere, though i cant drive but my dad can. If u need to wake up early, im willing to be ur alarm clock. If u are bored.... wanna go shopping, my time and finances are there. Im wiling to do anything for u..... just dun leave mii alone. Im afraid to be alone. Why are u always rejecting mii? Everyone knows tat i like u... are u running from mii? Whenever u talk to someone... a certain sour-taste will flow down in my heart. I want to tell u tat even when the mountains tremble and a thousand fall... i will stay with u. Wherever u go...deep into the darkest oceans, into the highest heaven, into the cold artic... to the ends of the world.. i wanna be wif u. Can u gif mii a chance?

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