Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Test Day

Woke up ard 850am lidat, feeling still abit tired. Left hm ard 930am together wif my sis, cos need to bring her to the bus stop near northpoint, cos she goin my grandmother's hse to stay. So aft sending her, i wen sch le. Ard 2.10pm, Mr Alex gave us the test paper for the class test. It was rather easy except Section 2, the structure-answer quest. A little hard. But thank God b4 tat, Mr Alex gave us a revision. If he didn't, i cant imagine hw are we suppose to finish it. Thanks for giving the revision. Aft the test, we can go hm le. So i quickly rush hm cos later need to go meet Madeline and Chew Hoon for the pm. I reach Dhoby Ghaut ard 515pm, but they were at PS. So i meet them at Starbucks together wif Xiu. Madeline says tat she abit hungry. So we went ard PS to look for food to be put into the stomach of Madeline. At last she ate only bread. So aft buying, we hurry to YMCA for the pm. On the way there, we saw Francis and Ariel, Rachael's member. They were abit lost of where is YMCA. So we bring them together wif us. Nt long after, one of their member, Serene also join us. The pm started ard 0615pm. Ard 715, Xiu and Madeline left le. So left mii, Agnes, Kang Wei and Chew Hoon. Aft the pm, i told them tat i need to eat dinner. So i eat my dinner outside the Mrt Station. So after eating i when home together wif Kang wei. Tat's all Folks, once again thanks for reading my blog.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Finally gt time to update!!!

Sorry ladies, cos tis few days super tired and bz. Talking abt ytd, was rather a good day. Woke up at 8am cos need to take guitar frm lawrance and need to serve for JAMS church at their outing @ Changi Airport T3. These are ppl:

Even though they are ''abit different'' frm us, but we treat them as if they are like us. So we walk ard T3, wow i tell u better go see the Departure hall there, it's SO NICE!!!! wat attracts mii is tis:
the whole of T3 is nt wif light,but these solar cells beams. I tink T3 is really like saving energy and instead of using electricity, they use natural energy=sunlight. It's just awesome!!! Aft serving ard 1230pm, went 2 Cheers to buy a milk den i went bedok interchange to mit Chew Hoon, Madeline, Van, Kang wei and Alvin for lunch b4 pm. Decai also came nt long aft tat. Ard 230pm, we went to expo for pre-service pm and Alvin needs to gif bs to kang and xiu. So left mii, Chew Hoon and Madeline for pm. We sat at Charlie arena 1 last two rows. Aft pm and service, we went the Kembangan there eat econimical rice for dinner. Wah!!! super hungry lor. I tink i ate alot. Ard 1010pm, we began to walk to mrt, cos we all abit tired. So tat's all folks. See ya ard.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

What a Day

Woke up ard 8am, cos need to gif xiu morning call. Ard 0930am, i left hse for Starbucks interview at Milienia Walk . Took bus 857 there. On the way there in the bus, the bus need to go through CTE. But the entrance to CTE have been closed. I dunno tat. So the bus took a longer way to other way to CTE. Ard 1030am, i msg the ''boss'', tat i will be late. I reach the place ard 1110am. There wasn't a single soul there, rather peaceful and quiet. I was wondering where is the Starbucks. Walk ard, den i wen to ask the receptionist. Is just behind only. So i went there, the boss there gave mii the application form to fill up. After finishing, suddenly many ppl came to starbucks. So the boss was bz, and i waited until 12pm. So the boss came, and his name: Kevin Boo. A funny surname. So after the interview, i went hm b4 goin to expo for service. Reach hm ard 0130pm, supposely need to meet Madeline, but she abit sick, so i went to meet Chew Hoon, Serene and Van. Meet them at Amk mrt de last cabin. Waited and waited, ah finally,they came le. So the four of us took train to expo. And i notice tat they took three big plastic bag filled wif their stuff. And they called mii to help them. I agree. Aft service the rest of us went, conference rm to take a picture for the Zone camp.
I would like to take this chance to invite my frens to come for the zone camp. It's a time to meet new frens, a time for u and i to enjoy!!! Date: 7-9 June 2008 Venue: Jurong Junior Collage Time: 9pm meet at Expo.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to All Mother's on earth!!!!!

Todae was really a happy happy day!!! Woke up 8am to follow sister for Mother's day service at Expo hall 8. Although abit tired, but dunno why still so awake. After service, went to meet xiu, wendell and Kang wei. We went Chai Chee minced meat noodles for lunch. After lunch, xiu nid to go hm to celebrate mother's day le. I oso. So we sent her the bus stop, there she took 12 back le. Rather happy to see her go hm. After tat, mii, kang and wendell took 14 to Dhoby Ghaut mrt. i and kang wei left him frm there, cos we mid to go hm. Reach hm ard 4pm. Rest awhile den help mama wash the fish tank. Ard 0650pm, my family went my ah ma hse to celebrate mother's day. Almost all my uncles and aunties are there except for one who Japan ytd.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Finally the day has come!!!!

After a couple of weeks, oso much hesitation, i decided to update my blog. Sorry ladies and gentlemen. Long wait. These few weeks happen alot of things. Dunno where to start. Let's start frm the 3-weeks long holiday ba. During the first two weeks of holiday, i was rather slack. Still gt a couple of work still waiting for mii to be done. But i didn't pay much attention to it. First two was rather a play-eat-sleep. These few weeks, was rather moody. As usual lor. Nothing special.