Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Ah at last can post.. been busy with camp stuff after being given the appointment Admin 2. Haix, is it call good or bad leh.. like not much diff.. last time admin duties very little de lor.. nw it's like 10, 12 even up till nw.. do more work and watever stunts the rest do, usually it's us to be arrowed first.. Anyway.. im going to ord le.. As time goes, i wanna do and care less for the things in section.. it's like nv ending.. unstoppable.. ok enough of army.. i also started watching anime.. the second anime i watch was titled clannad and clannad after story.. it's my fav and best.. it's so touching.. i dun wanna be a spoiler.. so if u really want to watch, go google it.. im sure u will surely cry de.. my camp mate Rynel has just intro be another anime frm the same website named ef the tale of memories.. just started nt long ago.. if u like it, come watch it together..

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why should i spent time to have lunch with u wen u will in the end sent me away? I treated u as a precious friend, yet why must u sent me away? Although i have no feelings for u alr, but it's tat hw u treat a friend? We had lunch together, is it bcos out of friendship or convenience? Is tat who u really are? Stop being so self-centered.. I just want to know u as a friend and nothing else.. After so long of friendship , are u still treating me the same? Should i take u just as u are or believe u will treat me and the rest of ur friends better? Is tat all we can expect from u?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Say if u need

Just because ppl dun say it, doesn't mean it's ok.. The reason why ppl keep the unhappy words in their hearts', it's so that the relationship will be spolit. So please be careful by wat u say.. It is often that ppl gt hurt bcos ears are always open.. If u aren't close with ur friends, den u shouldn't be talking or teaching how to conduct their own personal lives..