Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy and Sad Day

As usual woke up at 830am, reach school @ 0930...... Ard 10plus, Alex announce to us tat Ms Nat is goin to be our new Class Adviser. Abit happy and sad. Why happy? Cos finally can stop hearing his nagging and scolding. Why sad? Even though he's abit fierce... but he's still a good teacher. Just wanna say thanks to him. Now tat Ms Nat is our new Class Adviser, the class wasn't very open to her. After class, went lunch wif Del, Roy, Dan, Bala and Caleb. I and Caleb went hm early. Reach hm ard 1230pm. PLayed the PS2 game Dynasty Warrior 4 Empire. The first few games i was winning. But the second half is was losing fast. Until the point i left one territory. I panicked and angry. I tot i was winning. Haix

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