Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanks Guys

Yesterday i've a awesome time with my ministry frens. As we are gathered together for a time of meal, promotion and appreciation. At a blink of an eye, i've been in tis ministry for 5 years le. Wow!! And really it was fun serving with the rest of the guys. And i was awarded for my willingness and faithfulness to tis ministry. You guys may not know them, but still i wanna mention them to you. These are guys and gals who really taught me alot. I personnally wanna thank Valerie, Carol, Gillian, Yoseph, Morgan and Boon Kiat and not forgetting my ''boss'', Robin. These are the best leaders in my ministry. Even though a times they may tease me, laugh at me. but tat's ok. These guys are really really awesome. Finally, i wanna thank God for letting me be part of tis ministry. And one thing i can promise to all of you: 2009, You can expect a better Foster.

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