Friday, March 28, 2008

A Day Of Silence

Woke up ard 1130. i try to talk to my mum, but i no voice. cos on tues i drank a sour and bitter herbal drink. i coukdn't talk at all. Left hm ard 1205 for work. At workplace, told my boss and others tat i cant talk cos no voice. Suddenly, i felt i was a mute. since i cant talk, i need t use paper and pen to convey wat i need to say/ask. very torturing. One of the staff, Gillian, make fun of mii using hand signals to talk. haix. sianz. told her im nt mute.left work ard 6pm to go for pm at alvin's hse. my boss told mii tat i can dun go since i no voice. but i told him: It doesn't mean tat i no voice, i cant pm or cg. We cant give in to our weakness. So reach alvin hse ard 7pm, saw xiu's back and guitar. feeling abit tired, took a nap for 15mins. the pm start ard 8pm, and we began to share abt easter. aft the pm, mii,alvin and jy went to eat. since i no voice, there are food tat i cant eat, one of them is char kway teow. But tis guy, jy, knowing tat i dun a voice still ask mii wanna eat. ah!! i ate mui fan instead. aft supper, jy and mii took bus 55 to bishan. the bus journey was rather long. reach bishan ard 1230. Just in time for the last train.
Lastly i wanna share something: It doesn't mean tat u gt weakness, u cant reach ur goals. Never give in to your weakness/circumstances. If u have a desire/wish, go for it.

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