Monday, March 10, 2008

Sorry all for nt updating.

Sorry guys and gals for nt updating my blog, cos these few days super super tired. im bz wif the performance tml, hope all understand. Nw todae, 11th mach 2008. just woke up @ 1030am. feeling very sianz. no one @hm. i want to go wif frens, but dunno who to find. scare they all nt free. so im going stay @hm. btw, im having a performance tml 12th march 2008 wif my band. both Yingz and Mao will be coming. So happy!!!! Thanks gals for comin to support mii. see ya tml. Since u gals r comin, i wont disappoint u all. i will put up a good show. hope u all enjoy!! :p
later gt the final practice b4 the actual performance. To all who noes mii, pls support mii and my band, S.P.S( Scissors Paper Stone) nice name rite? haha!

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