Friday, March 14, 2008

A peaceful Friday on 14/03/08

Todae was rather peaceful. Woke up @ 0820am by my sis, Sharon. Left hse @ 0845. Reach sch ard 0930am. @ class nt much students were there except terry, angela, stella, caleb, yu sen roy and the rest. aft sch went to kallang for work. todae @wk abit different. ard 3pm need to accompany leader to Raffles Hotel, cos todae gt a very good speaker coming to speak on something. Need to step up the place so we left office ard 0330pm. upon reaching, we hurry up step up the place. ard 6pm i left them, neeed to go jw awhile. aft jw ard 10oopm, went m le. upon reaching hm, gt a call frm jy and josh, my cousin for supper, so ard 1145 we met up. we went to blk 925 for supper. ard 1220 ah!! Finally reach hm liao!!! Abit tired and sianz. Haixx.

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