Thursday, October 23, 2014

What is your purpose?

Just recently, i was hanging out with a bunch of guys at Hong Kong cafe. And while we were chatting away, there was this guy who from the time we sat down kept introducing aka ''advertisting'' his female friends which he claimed is single and looking for a partner to us. Was pretty disturbed by what he was doing. So i asked him,'' Is your purpose of joining this group? Is it for yourself, your desires, your needs only? He didn't answered. So i continue to ask,'' Are your friends really desperately having the urge for the merge? I know we all want to be attached and find a lifelong partner. But is your whole life revolving around your needs and desires only? If every guy is like this, where would the world be? The world is not just made up of just one type of guy. I know we have our own needs, desires, but the moment you and i came into this Earth, we are no longer alone. But even they are having the urge for the merge, are you close enough to help them? I'm trying to sow discord here but the fact still remains, it's their personal issue. Whether you know it or not, they have to deal or resolve it by themselves. I know you wanna help, but it seems like you have take things into your own hands.

Here's what i wanna say: Familiarity breeds contempt.