Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Holidays!!!

Wish you all chinese on earth, a HAPPY AND PROPEROUS NEW YEAR. While u all are celebrating, lets continue to keep in touch. Once again.. i wanna say HI to jiahui.. cos i saw her wif chris on the mrt on the eve.. So let's enjoy tis festive season. Enjoy!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A review of working for the past one month

As many of u all noe that i've been working as a Logistic officer for the past one month le. The first few days of work was pretty easy and light.. not much off stress. But as time pass by, day after day, my workload gew more and heavier. And as my workload increased, my stress level also increased. And i also noticed that im nt the only one stressed, but the colleagues who are also working with me are also likewise. So i told myself, ''No matter what happen, be it sad or happy, good or bad, rain or sunny, I will still do a good job. And not just a good job, but a good and even a better job'' If i give up due to the stress, I haven really been a good worker. But the reason why are there stress it's becos stress is to help us become a even bettter worker. Stress is never designed to put us down, but to help us to change from our own ways. Through stress, pressure etc, we can be a better worker in our workplaces. So guys... in this point of time, we shouldn't give up.