Saturday, December 18, 2010


Is all abt giving and sharing the last few weeks before the year comes to an end.. This year has really been ab great year for me especially.. Much changes both good and bad, happy and sad.. Though there were some things still remains the same, yet there were changes.. Especially my relationships with my own cg.. Really wanna thank God for all of them cos they were the ones who really taught me alot.. And although there were still conflicts with some, overall the relationship with the rest is still gd.. And as we prepare ourselves for 2011, let's be excited abt it, bcos it's a new year.. watever good or bad, happy or sad is over.. We humans look forward nt backward..

Monday, December 6, 2010


Are meant to be realized and fulfilled.. If u have a dream, u shld really go all out for it.. Because hope deferred makes the heart sick.. and tis hope we talked abt is called dream.. the very fact when u have a dream means u have the potential to fulfill it.. It's kinda waste to dream and yet nt doing it.. As the year is coming to the end like 3-4 more weeks, i wanna hope tat all my dreams come true.. so shld u too..

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Ah at last can post.. been busy with camp stuff after being given the appointment Admin 2. Haix, is it call good or bad leh.. like not much diff.. last time admin duties very little de lor.. nw it's like 10, 12 even up till nw.. do more work and watever stunts the rest do, usually it's us to be arrowed first.. Anyway.. im going to ord le.. As time goes, i wanna do and care less for the things in section.. it's like nv ending.. unstoppable.. ok enough of army.. i also started watching anime.. the second anime i watch was titled clannad and clannad after story.. it's my fav and best.. it's so touching.. i dun wanna be a spoiler.. so if u really want to watch, go google it.. im sure u will surely cry de.. my camp mate Rynel has just intro be another anime frm the same website named ef the tale of memories.. just started nt long ago.. if u like it, come watch it together..

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why should i spent time to have lunch with u wen u will in the end sent me away? I treated u as a precious friend, yet why must u sent me away? Although i have no feelings for u alr, but it's tat hw u treat a friend? We had lunch together, is it bcos out of friendship or convenience? Is tat who u really are? Stop being so self-centered.. I just want to know u as a friend and nothing else.. After so long of friendship , are u still treating me the same? Should i take u just as u are or believe u will treat me and the rest of ur friends better? Is tat all we can expect from u?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Say if u need

Just because ppl dun say it, doesn't mean it's ok.. The reason why ppl keep the unhappy words in their hearts', it's so that the relationship will be spolit. So please be careful by wat u say.. It is often that ppl gt hurt bcos ears are always open.. If u aren't close with ur friends, den u shouldn't be talking or teaching how to conduct their own personal lives..

Friday, October 15, 2010


Is the word we often run away or fear of.. Changes are made so that ur life and mine could be better.. No one expected that changes would make one's life worst.. Count it all joy went u are in trials , tribulations etc, cos out of all tis comes changes.. If u can embrace changes with a good attitude, the changes will be more than u can even expect.. So ask urself this qns: Have u been changing? When is the last time u changed?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Would someone know?

Would someone know if u're changing? Would someone noe if u really want to be who u really want to be? Would someone noe if it's only a misunderstanding which eventually gt clarified? Would someone knows u like someone and u cant even tell? Would someone knows wat's inside of u? No matter hw close a friend can be towards u, he/she will nt noe wat u are thinking unless u tell him/her.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Finally back..

Im finally back.. it seems like no one would care or noe who am i.. but it's ok.. anyway.. still gt 5 mths to ord.. really looking forward to it.. most of all, going to SOT le.. together with xiu, jas and cai..started saving up le.. hope the rest of them are too.. gt a new hobby: watch anime.. although it's nt real, but i learnt some things from it.. and currently im watching Clannad.. pretty nice show although i dun really understand.. i want to make more new friends.. so help me..