Monday, October 7, 2013

3 area you got to be ready for any relationship in life

Few weeks ago, i was invited and went to Shane and Avis's wedding. And one of my friends, Jefri was with us too. While we were still chatting with other friends, he came and ask me a question. 'What do you need to do to be ready for a relationship?' Instantly, i remembered what my close friend, Jiayong also known as Joseph. 3 area you got to be ready for any relationship in life:

I am not asking you to be a filthy rich, or to be as poor as a church mouse. Imagine, you're already going out and dating the girl you like for quite a while, don't you feel bad having her to pay the dinner, the movies etc? And let's say, you guys have been together for the past 2-3 years and are having plans to get married. Do you have the finances to buy a simple flat, to have your dream wedding, go to your sweetest honeymoon, buy the most beautiful ring? It takes two hands to clap, and that's the fact and truth.

Know what and be aware of what you are doing. That includes the proposal, the asking of she to be your girlfriend. But what if she comes to you with issues, problems that she can't handle? Do you have what it takes to advice her, encourage her or even help her in times of need. Can you hear her out? If she's crying her heart out, can you be patient while she cry out?

Like me, i am not asking you to be a super macho, strong build man. But there got to be a bare minimum. For me, i am not prone to sickness, i also mean minor illness like, flu, cough and fever. As a guy or man, we are to be much healthier and stronger than any woman or girl. And since girls are weak, as a man, it's your responsibility to take care and look after her. It's a sad thing that out of the 3 years relationship, either one of you are often down and sick. So both of you gotta be strong or at least healthy.

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