Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's time to move on

Two weeks ago, i posted here that my sis was hospitalized due to a minor infection. Well on the same week, she was discharged on Saturday. That's a good news as she continue to rest at home till this Friday, 25th Oct. Something i saw is this: It's not the medication/medical appointments that will heal you. It's you, unless you apply the medication, go for the medical appointments. And though she was bandaged from right knee cap downwards, she's still walking to buy lunch etc. Though she was supposed to be at home resting, yet she could step out to get the things she needs.

Since that day when the line was drawn, we hardly talk even in office. If someone were to ask me, what kind of friend is she, i would say she come only if she needs help badly or needs company badly to spent the night. If not i would say, she's pretty free and going on her own. I wanna say that i am not complaining about her or the line. But can we erase the line? Can we talk about anything and everything? I wonder where's all the topics that we used to talk about? Have they went on a one-way holiday? Now this is true: Without communication, relationship breaks down. Well, it's time to move on. I can still be your friend only if you can accept.

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