Monday, October 14, 2013

Which is more important, valuable? People or gifts?

Scenario: A sister of a brother was admitted to a hospital due to a minor leg infection. Family members came and visit her with tonics, fruits and delicious food. All came and go, but only one stayed a little later den the rest.

Here's the thing: Gifts don't always represent people. Does a bouquet of flowers says,'I'm sorry,'' to the girl when the boy miss the date? Does a resignation letter from a employee solves/fills the vacant seat after he/she leaves the company?  As we know, the answer is No. It's the people who makes the difference, fills in the gap. No amount of gifts can fill the gap that each of us the gap. Therefore can i say a few statements:
1. To the single: If you're looking for a partner, wait patiently for the man/woman. Ultimately, your character will draw and attracts attention. I know sometimes, the waiting is long and boring, and it doesn't seems to be coming, but just hang on.
2. To the eager, anxious, heavy-heart: Take time to calm down. Sit down, breathe and think. Not everyone can calm you down, but only you can calm yourself down and think about the next step.
3. Employees: who have been working in a company for years and doesn't seems to have the job promotion, the increment in salary: Remember why are you here working. Is it for fun? No. Go and find the very reason, the passion you once had. And work towards the goals, the vision which once you had. Giving up now will lengthen the distance to your very dreams, goals you have been working for. So, don't give up. Taking a rest, or a break doesn't mean you are giving up. It's means that you have been working hard and for you to continue once your ''battery'' is fully charged.

So, whether is it one person or people, both make a difference.

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