Thursday, October 10, 2013

Too busy for people that matter

Continue from the previous post.

Thru this three days, i was busy, yet doing all by myself. I heard my heart cried out,'' where are my friends?'' I felt so helpless especially yesterday. I left office while it was still raining. While i was walking in the rain, i left so tired and i don't feel like doing anything. I just wanna go home and tug into my bed.

What are friends? Friends are just title whom we give.What's the difference between close friends and friend? Their presence. I am not saying you worship them, but should they not be with you physically, you know in your heart that they are still with you. Often we felt lonely, not because of the physical, but usually it's the emotional. Eg: Two person can be in walking along the busy streets of Orchard road. One was walking alone and the other was with another friend. After a while, the one who walking alone came and sit down and didn't continue. The other with one friend continue talking, walking.

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