Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Eventful 2013

Title: Eventful 2013
Looking back at 2013, I’ve witnessed many good, bad and ugly events.  Seeing people come and go, leaving and staying, heart throbbing moments are really what pretty made up this year for me. As I continue, I like to really want to thank a few people and groups that pretty made a better year for me.
1.       Xiuhui aka Vera 
      Thank you for the Kit Kat you gave to me on the 22th Dec. And one more thing, thank you for talking to me and I thank God you’re still the same after SOT graduation. And if you ask me, I would like want to catch up, have coffee with you.
2.       Jiawen, Rachel, Alex, Jasmine
Thank you for staying in this cell group, E315. Thank you for coming the many services, cell group meetings though you’re so busy with school, work and wedding preparations. I thank God you chose to stay planted.
3.       The Ink Room and members.
Thank you for being friendly towards me. Thank you my Team Leaders: Serene, Cheryl, Praise, and Wenyi for allowing to leave this awesome ministry to serve a higher calling. Thank you my friends, Lawrence, Bun, Delia, Sandy, Jefri and many many good friends God has given to me. Thank you for being there to talk to me whenever I visit TIR or when I bump into you.
4.       Children’s Church 5-6.

Thank you for your warm welcome and facilitation. To the many new friends that God has given, I thank God for you introducing yourself, allowing me to know you better. Thank you for giving me the chance to serve you, even just by buying a cup of coffee, I am contend. Thank you for serving together with me throughout this entire year. Thank you for helping me when I was down. And to the leaders that God has place over me, thank you for guiding, teaching me the little things about life. Thank you Pastor Glordia, Yinghui, Terri and Shao Liang.  To the members, thank you for all the teasing, laughter, lunch, dinner. It was so much better to have you able to join us while in the midst of your busyness. And to the new members who have or are still considering to join, hesitate no more. We are welcoming you with open arms.

5.       Let It Rain friends.
 I thank God for Michelle for adding me into this group where I can know new friends in church. I thank God for Serene, Twyla, Yuting, Lisa, Isabel, Eleanore, Peter, Zerus, Lyon, Junwen. To all the dinner, outings, I thank God for you organising them.
6.       My Family.
Thank you for standing by me all these while. Whenever I have no place to go, I thank God that there’s always a place for me. I thank God you’re always there for me.

7.       JOL
       I thank God for the friends, members that God has given to me. Thank you for making this your zone. The zone wouldn't be here, if not for you. Thank you Jo for leading, guiding, and helping us going thru this year. A special thanks to Jiawei and Peihua, Jiayong and Dorothy, Ivan and Xiuzhen, Jessel and Jieyi, Daniel and Weifang for inviting me to witness your special day. Thank you for giving me the chance to serve you.
8.       My First CG N160:
      Thank you for availing yourself to the few outings we had. Just happy to see you doing well in life. Thank you for giving me the chance to do a simple birthday card.
9.       Myanmar Mission Trip 2013
Probably the best mission trip yet to come. I would say it’s a very fruitful trip. I thank God for Mei Man inviting me to this trip, thank you for giving me the chance to play for the team. To my ‘’fans’’, who always laugh at my jokes, thank you for laughing.  If not for your laughter, my jokes would never be funny. It’s ur laughter that makes the atmosphere so light-hearted. And to the rest, thank God you’re there with me, helping me, guiding me, teaching me.
In closing, I want to thank God for all friends that He has given to me. It wouldn't be so if without you. Life is indeed much easier, better with friends and family around you. . I do not count myself worthy, but God has shown me His grace and mercy through this year 2013. Looking back at 2011, though it's not a good year, but i want to believe that 2014 will be even better, more awesome.Whatever i didn't do it 2013, i want to see it in 2014. In 2014 i want to:
1. Use my skills, and talents to be a blessing to the people around me.
2. Get to know people better, and more.
3. Strengthen the unity and love in church.

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