Thursday, January 23, 2014

A blog post for you

You probably won't be able to see this but i still want to write. Looking back at the four months, it was indeed good and fun. I'm not sure about the rest, but i personally felt that you're a great help, a fun-going colleague and probably the one dinner buddy in office. You said you will be back, but before you go, i want to thank you for three things:

1. I thank you for being helpful.
There were so many things i couldn't finish, but because of you, things were done.

2. I thank you for being thoughtful.
In the early days, i kept forgetting about so many things.But because of your constant reminder, i can remember more.

3. I thank you for the time spent.
Though four months is not long, but at least i can know you better. The time spent together, will be remembered.

Though you are leaving, i still hate to say this: I wish you all the best in the near future. I am sorry for you leaving, but hey, give me a call when you are coming back.

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