Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Full Definition of Humility:  the quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people : the quality or state of being humble

Recently i had a chance to meet up with one of the workers. I was told that his work permit is being cancelled and have to depart Singapore. On the day of his departure, i met up with him and sent him to the airport. As we are on the way to Terminal 2, he was sharing with me and asked me in a humble way,'' why am i being sent back? What have i done?'' After his sharing, i was just thinking thru what he shared. 

To me, i was touched by his sharing and the way he shared. Sometimes, bad things do happened to good, hardworking, faithful in the little things people. Throughout the entire situation that he shared with me, he remain calm and continued working as scheduled. He couldn't be bothered or be emotionally attached to the happenings around him. He was focus on the work that was set before him. People always says that there are two sides to the story, well i believe  his side was the good side. Why? 1. When he was being attacked by his drunk colleague, he did not retaliate physically or verbally. 2. He reported the case to his superior, and have them handled the case rather than taking things into his hands. Even when he received the dismissal notice, he chose to ask why in a humble, lowly attitude in front of his superior. Even while he was sharing with me, he was calm and asked me to ask his superior humbly why was he dismissed.

Pride and dignity are important. But make no mistakes about it. Meekness is not weakness. Just because you have small fists and triceps, doesn't make you humble. Notice i mentioned, ''the quality or state of being humble'' Humility is in the mindset, the way we think and feel. And how is humility shown? It's by the words we speak, the way we carry ourselves, the way how we live our daily life. 

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