Thursday, March 19, 2015

J & F First Month Report

Hi all.

as some/many have heard from me, that as of 9th Feb 2015, i am no longer single. Well today post is to update some of the highlights.

1. 14th Feb 2015, we celebrated our first Valentine's Day.
I brought her to Pastamania @ Funan IT Mall. That was where i first met her. Guess what? Though it was not a posh restaurant, yet we kind of enjoyed the simple lunch. We were also sitting at the same table and chair that we first had dinner together! After lunch, we went to Raffles City, and then went to Suntec City to meet a few of our friends. Well, a handful of them already knew the good news and we were kinda surprised to see them as they came forward to send their best wishes and congrats to us! Technologies really work!

2. 3rd March 2015, we celebrated her birthday.
Well, i admit the celebration was certainly way below average! I didn't prepare for this special day.
So what did i do? I just bought her a simple cake and sang a birthday song to her.
Jenny, i am sorry. I wish i could have time to buy a better cake and get you the dress you have told me as you like it.

3. 15th March 2015, 3-days Cold Wars.
I was really sick on that day. She called me at around 10.15pm but i didn't hear it. But when i called her later, she hadn't picked up. So things was not good till 18th March 2015. Finally she called but with much disappointment, frustration and anger. To the extent that she mentioned ''breakup.'' I was really fearful that that would be the end. But i pleaded for another chance. Later part of the day, we went to meet Calvin her CGL. It was there, where we got back the relationship on track.

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