Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A new beginning

As of 9th February 2015, i am no longer single!! And some of you may have know who is the lucky one, but for the benefit of the rest, today i wanna introduce Jenny to you.

I came to know Jenny since Dec 2013. Jefri was the one who invited me into this chat group who is really more happening than any other chat group. So when did it started? I started to have feelings for her since the first time i walked her home. Looking back at the past year, we understood each other better. It was last Friday that we kind of confirmed that we have mutual feelings for each other. And yes, it was very mind blowing when we shared with each other.

We went to meet her CGL, Pastor Yilun on Saturday after service. She prayed and blessed this relationship. We went to have dinner with my CG and she also joined us @  Legoland. Technically, that was our first overseas outing. Oh yeah!! While on the way home, she asked me two questions which really set me thinking.

So i decided to pop the important question on Monday night after our guitar lesson. I felt that question was the answer she was looking for. That's why she could readily say yes.

So here's the thing: Relationship is meant to be serious and set things right.

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