Friday, June 14, 2013


I woke up pretty early on a Saturday.. Usually my call time it's ard 11 plus to recover from a very long Friday, but here am i awake.. This happen once in a while but this time it's different. When this happens, usually it's because of someone i've been thinking or some events etc.. Ultimately one gotta voice it out. If you're gonna bottle up, and keep all these within yourself, you will tend to be closed up on the inside. With that, how are you gonna make true friends and relationships? If you had something bothering you on the inside, find someone you can talk to. Communication is the key to life. I 'm not too sure for the rest, but for me, i like to talk to people. Getting to know more new friends but with the friends i already have, i like to know them more and better not just on the surface level.

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