Sunday, June 16, 2013


Surprisingly i still awake after a early, long busy yet fruitful weekend.. This weekend we celebrate Fathers' day. I was given the privilege to play the suspend cymbal, serving together with the choir and Cityworship. Had only one rehearsal on Wednesday just before we go stage. Though only one rehearsal, i must say i played pretty not bad. Though there were two wind chimes part on the score, but i couldn't play lest i came in too early and spoil the music. And it turns out to be good. Today the church actually clapped twice for us, the feeling of appreciation was there in the atmosphere. Music never sounded so good. After the performance, we stayed at the staff room to have a quick nap. I was pretty stone and rather tired cos i woke up at 6am, man im good till now. Together with the rest of members from 5-6, CCH, we went to Baby Elvin's shower party.. Baby ELvin is so cute.!!! Totally knocked out on the way home in the bus..

And to all the Fathers here on earth, thank you for raising us up.. You're our hero..

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