Sunday, September 6, 2015

Our 6th month

It's been quiet here, isn't it? Well guess, what? Our 6th month also happen to be our country's Golden Jubilee weekend. Yeah!! So together with some of our friends, we celebrated! But that's not the thing.

Few weeks before we approached our 6th month, one of our friend sent her a sacastic comment which read, ''Foster is your everything............''

Let's get this straight: I am, will not and can't be her everything.

Defination of everything seems very vague.

Just because you don't have dinner with her, can't meet her, then i am her everything.

Just so you know, i am not the air she breathe, her employer who pays her salary etc.

Please be tactful with your words. Your words do carry weight. Words are like labels.

Whether you know it or not, comments, opinions, remarks sticks.

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