Monday, March 10, 2014

Feel for you

I have been thinking about a few. And today, i would like i to share with you one of the things.

Remember Xiuhui? Well, i once posted here that i used to really liked her alot like 3 years ago? Well, though i really liked her before, i kept the my fondness for her deep in my heart after she started a relationship with Joseph aka Xianbi. Recently, we started whatsapping again. Here i really wanna thank God for the chance to have lunch with her again.

Something i just found out from her, or perhaps it's my lack of info, but it's true that i was the last to know that the relationship ended last year? Oh well, though i still see both at church, i didn't know. When she told me the relationship has ended, somehow i felt more for her than happy. Rightfully, i can be happy. Why? Because she is single again hence i can ask her out again. But no. Honestly, i don't feel happy. Whether she is single/attached/married, i hope i am still her friend. And as a friend, if she sad, i am sad. If she is happy, i am happy. 

Though the feelings are still in my heart, i do hope to get to know her better. And though i am of age to find a partner, i just want to know her better. 

Till the next time we meet again, be happy.

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