Wednesday, August 19, 2009

missing you

I just wanna talk to someone, i noe sometimes u are really bz with ur things, but wat i do? I can only keep wat i wanna say to you in my heart. I gt lots and lots of things to tell you.. i really hope u can really hear me out. Please give me a chance..

It's never my intention to make u cry/quarrel with me, but sometimes i really hope u could stand in my place. Your smile can make the sun shine brighter, but ur tears could also make the thuderstorm even darker. I told myself,' I will do watever i can and need to make u happy. And if scarifices is needed, im willing. I always tell u that u're my fren, but deep down in my heart, u're more than a fren to me. At a blink of an eye, i noe u for 2 years le and liked u secretly in my heart for one year. I don't wish for much, i just want to be with you. And right now i lift up my fondness towards you into God's loving hands.

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